HEINEKEN in the Netherlands has a special place  within the HEINEKEN global group. After all, our long and proud history and global presence all started with a single brewery in the Netherlands 150 years ago. HEINEKEN has four operating companies within the Netherlands: HEINEKEN Global, HEINEKEN Netherlands, HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply and Vrumona.

Established in 1864 by the Heineken family, HEINEKEN has a long and proud history and heritage as an independent global brewer. We brew quality beers, build award-winning brands and are committed to enthusing consumers everywhere. Will you become a part of our family?


Our Head Office is located in Amsterdam.  

HEINEKEN Nederland


HEINEKEN. Inseparably connected with the Netherlands and known over the entire world. A name that we are proud of. A name that is so much more than a brand or beer. We bring people together. We provide connectedness and life in the brewery. Always searching for a laugh, that moment for connection. 

HEINEKEN. That is us. The people of sales, the service mechanic. The brand brewers and the business partners. With each other we are the partner in business for our clients. We are around 700 colleagues. Together the face of HEINEKEN Nederland. We take care of the beer on the shelves and on tap. Together we are the unmissable chain between the breweries and the perfect beer at people’s home or on the terrace. 

We are also entrepreneurs. We understand the trade of our clients and work together on improvements and growth. We make contact and seek connection. We come from behind our screens to talk and to listen. To dreams, frustrations, plans, and solutions. This way we get the trust to try out new things and to further innovate. And to enjoy what is already there. Because some things may seem self-explanatory, that we nearly forget how proud we are of it. 

Together we are HEINEKEN Nederland. Already more than 150 years market leader. We remain that way. More than ever, we are connecting with our customers. To make it easier and more fun to do business with us. We connect with consumers. And especially with each other. We continue to build on the strength of our brands, the shared pride of HEINEKEN and the talents of each other. 

We know the beer world as no other: an inexhaustible resource of knowledge and experience, that we use to advance our customer. So that we continue to create shared experiences: that beer with a dear friend on the couch or especially with that stranger in a pub. 

That is the Netherlands for all of us. 

We are in control of making connections.  

HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply

The ambition of HNS is to work together with our customers like we are one Operating Company. We continuously improve our business processes and aim to have a plan in place with our customers in order to make sure our customers can win in their markets.

The HEINEKEN Supply Chain in the Netherlands is very important for the whole world. This is where 24/7 beer is being produced, of which 70%  of production is exported to over 150 countries. We produce 51 beer brands and 130 packs types, so we are always ready to serve - with our wide product range with a focus on sustainability. Our production will be completely CO2 neutral by 2030. 

Within HNS we have different departments: brewing, packaging, maintenance and customer service & logistics (CS&L). They all contribute to our supply chain process and brings our golden pride to life. Everything you see on our products contributes to the total experience that we as HEINEKEN bring to our customers.  


Vrumona is a fresh, enthusiastic, non -hierarchic organization. It is our mission to produce good and healthy beverages for everyone! We want to contribute to a healthy and sustainable world. We are an ambitious and innovative organization, that revolves around our consumer. This is reflected in our ow brands like Ranja, Royal Club, Crystal Clear, SiSi, Sourcy en Sourcy Vitaminwater. Furthermore,  Vrumona is the producer and distributor of our license brands Pepsi, Rivella, en 7UP. The people behind these brands are entrepreneurial with a strong drive to win. Proud employees who dare to be authentic and are expected to seize chances and opportunities. 

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