Go Places at HEINEKEN

The opportunities at HEINEKEN are limitless. Fun and ambition is in our DNA. And so we encourage you to Go Places. Do you want to throw an office party to launch your new brand? Or go to the brewery to optimise the IT systems? It is all up to you.

하이네켄에서 기회는 끝이 없습니다. 즐거움과 야망은 우리의 DNA이지요. 그래서 여러분에게 Go Places를 독려합니다. 새로운 브랜드 론칭을 기념하는 오피스 파티를 열고 싶은가요? 아니면 IT 시스템을 최적화 하기 위해 양조장을 방문하고 싶은가요? 모두 여러분이 결정하는 대로 할 수 있습니다.

Are you ready to work in ON Trade?


Meet our ON Trade Champions! Would you like to work in the ON Trade Sales? Watch the video of Heineken Korea Sales Champion, Hyun-soo & Ye-bin!

Are you ready to work in OFF Trade?


Meet our OFF Trade Champions! After this Video, you can compare the difference between On Sales and OFF sales! Watch our Heineken Korea OFF Sales Champions, Sujin & Byeongkwon!

Are you ready to grow?


Meet Byungki-Kwak. He believes that understanding, thinking ahead and doing things differently for customer could bring surprising results! Watch the full video to see more.

Are you ready to work in Marketing?

Ever wonder what the life of working with world-class brands? To learn how shieon communicates with consumers, check out the FULL video!

Are you ready to inspire?


Jasmine Liao doesn’t like to delegate. So she inspires people with her passion and make a big effect! Watch the video to learn more! 

Are you ready to empower yourself?


Quynh doesn't like to sit around. And so she took the initiative to lead the way herself. Watch the video to see her full story!

Are you ready to work miracles?


Carlos is not your average e-commerce manager. When things mattered most he jumped onto his truck and took on Santa's job. Watch his story now

Are you ready to be bold?


Tired of being in the office, Marcel dropped his suit and joined the brewing masters in the lab. He helped them to develop ground-breaking new flavours. Watch the video to learn more. 

Are you ready for more?

Excited for more? At HEINEKEN, the world is at your finger tips. And we have selected the most passionate stories for you to view. Are you ready to Go Places?