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Deployment Lead - Senior Technology Specialist

As a Deployment Lead, you will play a crucial role in overseeing the successful implementation and release of software applications, systems, or technology solutions within an organization. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that deployment processes are well-planned, executed efficiently, and meet the project objectives. This role involves collaboration with cross-functional teams, effective communication, and meticulous coordination to guarantee a smooth release of our solutions to the business.
The role sits within Digital & Technology as part of the E-Business team and will report directly to the Technology Manager Global Deployments.


Your responsibilities would include:
•    Develop comprehensive deployment plans in collaboration with project managers, development teams, and other stakeholders.
•    Identify and mitigate potential risks associated with deployments and establish contingency plans.
•    Collaborate with development, testing, and operations teams to synchronize deployment activities.
•    Communicate deployment schedules, progress, and issues to relevant stakeholders, ensuring transparency and understanding.
•    Possess a good understanding of the technical aspects of software and system architecture to facilitate effective communication between development and operations teams.
•    Collaborate with IT and infrastructure teams to ensure the availability and readiness of necessary resources.
•    Implement and enforce quality assurance processes to guarantee the reliability and stability of deployments.
•    Conduct post-deployment reviews to assess performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement lessons learned.
•    Maintain detailed documentation of deployment processes, configurations, and versioning to ensure repeatability and future reference.
•    Create and update standard operating procedures for deployment activities. 
•    Create flows and diagrams for deployment planning  depends on changing roadmap
•    Provide guidance and support to your direct reports and well as external deployment specialists on process and best practice.
•    Lead your deployment teams to deploy our solutions to the business on time and within budget.
•    Stay informed about industry best practices, tools, and technologies related to deployment management.
•    Continuously assess and enhance deployment processes to optimize efficiency and reduce deployment timelines.

You are a good candidate if you have:

•    Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology, or a related field.
•    Proven experience as a Deployment Manager or in a similar role.
•    Strong project management and organizational skills.
•    Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
•    In-depth knowledge of software development lifecycle and deployment methodologies.
•    Familiarity with deployment automation tools and version control systems.
•    Experience with DevOps practices and tools.
•    Good English writing and speaking skills

Job Segment: Testing, Computer Science, Quality Assurance, Network, Project Manager, Technology

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