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Recruitment tips:

Do you want to join us? Just send us your application online. To help with the recruitment process, here are a few things to think about: 

•Get familiar with Heineken’s brand and also our center in Kraków.

•Read the job advertisement and think about any questions you might have.

•Think over the reasons why you want to join us.

•Think about examples of your previous experience that might be relevant to this specific position.

•If the role requires language knowledge be prepared for a short language check.

•Make sure that you know our location if we meet onsite.

•Check your computer (microphone, camera) and Internet connection if we meet online.

•Please make sure you are on time.

•Remember this interview is also for you so do not be scared to ask questions.

•Be yourself and do not pretend someone else. Look at the interview as an adventure where you will learn new things about yourself and about HEINEKEN. 

•No need to be stressed out – we are only human beings.

•Do not forget to smile but remain professional.

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