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Congratulations! Today is your day! It is your day to brew your potential with HEINEKEN!

We offer the “Best Career Development Program”. We encourage and drive the Inclusion and Diversity. We believe and push forwards our Sustainability agenda. Most important of all, we care about our Employee’s Safety and Well-Being.

Our values are to bring passion to brew the best quality beer, to ensure that we have the respect for people and our planet , and to never forget to have the enjoyment of life.

Will you take right or left? Say yes or no?

Or will you view the stories of your future co-workers?

People development


To help our employees reach their full potential, we invest in trainings and programs that will develop and enhance their capabilities.

Great Rewards & Recognition


We provide competitive remuneration, rewards and benefits to our people in recognition of their commitment to the company’s vision and success through Benefits Enhancement Strategy focusing on our signature benefits and competitive benefits.

Cares for Our People


We recognise that people benefit from a dynamic working environment and a healthy work-life balance, making sure that our people have a great enjoyment of life.

Great Working Environment


We invest in cultivating a great working environment that looks after our people’s welfare, health and well-being and also allows innovation and creativity to thrive.


    HEINEKEN Cambodia offer a World of opportunities to push you past your limits!

    Learn more about our company culture in which we value our purpose, inclusion and Diversity, health and well-being, and sustainability.

  • Our Passion for Quality

    We are passionate about brewing the best beer and inspire our consumers with the passion in our products.

    That passion is our day-to-day driving force. From creating great ciders and beers to making HEINEKEN a special place to work, it’s core to everything we do.

  • Enjoyment of Life

    We’re committed to delivering great shared moments to consumers all over the world. Whether at the unforgettable events we sponsor or by expanding our product range to offer something for everyone, we believe these shared moments are the best in life.

  • Respect for People & Planet

    Both our passion for quality and enjoyment of life go hand in hand with a respect for the world in which we work and the people we work with.

    We believe sustainability drives business success and is a positive force for change. That's why it is built into everything we do. By operating sustainably we are confident we can make a meaningful impact on the world around us..


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