Are you ready to cross your borders?

Getting ready for a new challenge in a new company is not always easy. It is about learning new things and acquiring new skills. It is about experiencing new territories, building new relationships and performing in the role. It is hard work!


Do you dare to stretch yourself?

Passionate Pioneers

We do not look for “employees”, we look for pioneers with a thirst for knowledge and a spirit for adventure. Those that climb ladders, open doors and cross oceans, always standing by our company values; passion for quality, enjoyment of life and respect for people, society and the planet.

Surprise us at the real interview! Tell us about your passions, ambition, learning agility and skills!

Inclusive Leaders

We consider all of our pioneers to be leaders. The way our employees lead is what sets us apart.

They are able to connect with anyone around them and continuously invest in developing others. They shape the future, but at the same time deliver great results day-to-day. And very importantly, they always walk the talk; being a true role model for our company values

Let us know if you have what it takes to be an effective leader an HEINEKEN?

Diverse Teams

We embrace our team collaboration as we are moving forwards as one.

We are unique as an individual and stronger as a team. We keep learning and driving our agenda. Together we can always achieve more. By mobilizing the organization and empowering our people together as a team, we can do amazing things together.

Show us if you are forging ahead as a team player.   

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