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Utilities Team Leader (Vung Tau Brewery)


Key activities


1. Safety, Food safety & Sustainability

  • Ensures utilities are managed in a safe way and compliant with law and regulation.
  • Ensure energy consumption are in-line with energy KPI’s.
  • Utility team works in a safe way and environment.
  • Energy KPIs are under control.

2. Quality

  • Manages utilities according to required quality specifications.
  • Utility team works according to required quality specifications.

3. Work Processes

  • Leads site sustainability agenda, such as water and energy reduction and carbon emission reduction.
  • Manages and secures reliable utility supply.
  • Manages external service providers and supports contracting/evaluation.
  • Conducts Tagging if required or appropriate.
  • Ensures proper CO2 beneficiation management
  • Ensures proper NH3 / cold distribution management
  • Ensures proper Steam distribution management
  • Ensures proper Compressed Air distribution management
  • Site sustainability agenda up to standard.
  • Reliable utility supply.
  • Contactor management and -evaluation according to the inventory and supplier work process.
  • Proper Tagging.

4. Organization, Interfaces & People Management

  • Leads/manages the utility team of utility operators and zone technicians. Ensures proper team alignment and is responsible for the performance and technical development of the team (i.e. including performance evaluations/reviews).
  • Ensures and coordinates proper handover between operations and maintenance for all utility maintenance jobs + handles/manages all communication and coordination between the execution team and operations during execution of the work.
  • Ensures, manages and coordinates proper handover between the planning & scheduling team and the execution team.
  • Ensures proper coordination and handover for spares from and to the spare parts store.
  • Effective and motivated utility maintenance execution team.
  • Optimized MTTR for all utility maintenance jobs.
  • Good handover from maintenance planning & scheduling to execution.
  • Proper spare part handling for preventive maintenance execution (incl. returned spares not used, etc.).

5. TPM & Continuous Improvement

  • Analyses and controls the utility process to meet performance requirements.
  • Ensure 5S and CILT execution for utilities.
  • Manages AM teams in Utilities area.
  • Utility process meets required performance requirements.
  • 5S and CILT implemented for utilities.
  • AM teams in utilities area implemented for step 0-3.

6. Information & Data Management

  • Ensures proper job/WO registration and -closure in the CMMS (and allocated to required detail-level in the CMMS).
  • User of MCRS and DCS in such a way that planned maintenance ownership and -performance is improved (see 5. TPM).
  • Proper job/WO registration in the CMMS; i.e. fit for breakdown analysis and follow-up.
  • Improved asset maintenance ownership and -performance.

Job Segment: Manager, Supply Chain, Supply, Management, Operations

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