Go Places at HEINEKEN

The opportunities at HEINEKEN are limitless. Fun and ambition is in our DNA. And so we encourage you to Go Places. Do you want to throw an office party to launch your new brand? Or go to the brewery to optimise the IT systems? It is all up to you. 

Are you ready to be brave?


Meet Andre. Andre believes in taking risks, thinking ahead and doing things differently. Watch the full video to see more.

Are you ready to work miracles?


Carlos is not your average e-commerce manager. When things mattered most he jumped onto his truck and took on Santa's job. Watch his story now.

Are you ready to be bold?


Are you wondering how people can stay in HEINEKEN for 25 years? There'ere. Because It's Home - We call HEINEKEN Vietnam is Our Home.

Are you ready to empower yourself?


When we say "Go Places". It's really "Go Places". Let's meet the our colleague to discover their interesting journey.

Are you ready for more?

Excited for more? At HEINEKEN, the world is at your finger tips. And we have selected the most passionate stories for you to view. Are you ready to Go Places?