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The opportunities at HEINEKEN are limitless. Fun and ambition is in our DNA. And so we encourage you to Go Places. Do you want to throw an office party to launch your new brand? Or go to the brewery to optimise the IT systems? It is all up to you. 

Why not working with us? What do our employees do? Who are we looking for? Meet Ngoma, Juan & Marshal!

I see every day as a challenge in the market!

Meet Ngoma, Ngoma is not only merchanders but also a good salesman on the road. When necessary, he takes over the role of salesman to fulfill his duties as an employee of this great company. He always acts as an entrepreneur! Ngoma is motivated by his growth within the company, starting as a Costumer Services Representative and now as a Merchandiser. Substituting as a salesman and achieving targets is a nice challenge for him. The sale of new products from our innovation range is the best for him, considering the "push" and positioning of the products as a challenge. The way he tackles this challenge is enjoying brainstorming with the team and also having a good conversation with the retailer. He works hard on "Building Effective Relationship" (interpersonal style). What Ngoma does differently is leaving the store better than he found it.

Field Coaching Checklist is a priority for me!

Meet Juan, our salesman. As salesman, Juan is also well-focused on what's happening in his outlets and he also uses his Trade-marketing skills. To bring an extra mile to bring in more sales and selling the latest innovations of our assortiment, he has made to his day to day task. The aim of Juan is to achieve a good NND of our entire assortment.
What he does differently is to always apply "pack to purchase", Outlet outdoor & indoor check.


Meet Marshal Lala, Brewing, Quality & Utilities Manager​

Brewing is my favorite hobby!

I am Marshal Lala, Brewing, Quality & Utilities Manager. My second greatest love all started on February 14, 2011 (Valentine's Day), when I started working at Surinaamse Brouwerij as a Brewing Operator C. Thanks to my dedication and the support of my colleagues, I was promoted to Brewing Operator B very soon, and subsequently to Brewing Operator A. On April 1, 2014, I was appointed as Brewing Manager. In February 2018, I was promoted to my current position. I work with a lot of passion at Surinaamse Brouwerij, I even consider it my favorite hobby! If your job becomes your hobby, then "the sky is the limit!" The main reason for the successful management of the department is, that I involve my colleagues in everything, and also give them the recognition they deserve. By developing them, I also develop myself. Together with my department, we do everything we can to provide the market with a high-quality product at all times: Parbo Beer!

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Excited for more? At HEINEKEN, the world is at your finger tips. And we have selected the stories and memories from our most passionate employees for you to view. Are you ready to Go Places?