Dejan Vatović "Director of Zajecar Brewery"

I have been working at Zajecar Brewery for 21 years, and at HEINEKEN Serbia since 2008, when HEINEKEN was present in Serbia. As a graduate electrical engineer, I started my career in the brewery in the maintenance service. I quickly realized that narrow professional knowledge is not enough, neither for the company I work for, nor does it satisfy my desire to see the bigger picture. This is exactly what is most interesting in this business - a person is constantly learning and getting to know new processes. In the beginning, I dealt with technique and projects, and then more and more with technology, organization and people, where I had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in those areas. Of course, it depends on the character, but I have always built my position on functional knowledge and respect for colleagues. I think that is the safest way for people to trust you and be with you. And then, I would say, anything is possible. All in all, working in the brewing industry is very interesting, but also very dynamic. And that's exactly what attracted me. In addition, our business always attracts wider attention and often becomes an interesting topic outside the business environment. In my career, I have had the opportunity to work in various systems, from the period before international companies entered the Serbian market until today, when market conditions became more demanding, as well as the requirements of our consumers. HEINEKEN has brought new values ​​and set high standards in terms of work, quality, environmental protection ... For my colleagues and me, it was a new and very valuable experience, which came naturally and quite logically. Accordingly, HEINEKEN provides great opportunities for the development of professional and leadership knowledge and skills in the environment of a large international company. The opportunities for advancement are very diverse. In the opinion of most of our colleagues, HEINEKEN is a place to work that we would heartily recommend.

Milica Marčeta " Transport planner"

I started working in the company HEINEKEN Serbia at the beginning of November 2018. I started my journey and development through a trainee program in the field of logistics, where I spent a year and after that, in accordance with my wishes, I joined the transport department, in the position of transport planner. I can easily confirm that my career started when I started working at HEINEKEN because it is the first job that is related to my profession and that I really wanted to do. I am also pleased with how my development path is going. As a master traffic engineer, my wish was to get a job in logistics, and with a little more effort and effort, my wish came true. I love my job because of the daily dynamics of the job, the new things I learn every day and the opportunities to develop in an international company like ours. Also, the people who work for HEINEKEN and their safety always come first. The A great business environment, sharing practices and different experiences, as well as selflessly providing any help and support, make me really feel like part of a team.

Miloš Stojilković " Regional Export Manager"

In the company HEINEKEN Serbia, I have been working for a little over a year on the management and development of export markets. The business is very dynamic, interesting and includes daily cooperation with customers, partners and, of course, colleagues from different departments. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, I built my career in sales with a focus on export operations and improving the performance and level of cooperation with foreign partners. At HEINEKEN I have the opportunity to reach my full potential, through daily work with key stakeholders, but the support of mentors and colleagues means a lot to me, as well as an inexhaustible source of knowledge from the rich HEINEKEN digital library containing many different courses and opportunities for additional personal and Professional development. Every day is an opportunity for new learning, solving current challenges, as well as planning future steps in which we strive to achieve our goals in an efficient and quality way.