Teresa Sampaio


Joined  HEINEKEN Group

R&D Technical Project Manager


1. Share with us your journey at Heineken.

My career at Heineken started in the area of ​​Innovation, as Technical Project Leader.

During this period, I was responsible for coordinating the technical development of new drinks, facing the challenges of developing new beers or soft drinks and often exploring challenges that our organization had not yet experienced.

Then, I went to the quality area where I was responsible for the analytical laboratory team.

There, as Analytical Quality Control Manager, in addition to being challenged to lead a team, I was able to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the quality of our products.

I am now in the world of innovation again and, as R&D Technical Project Manager, I am responsible for the technical development of our new drinks and packaging, contributing to the dynamism of our brands.

In  our innovation projects, I also have the opportunity of collaborative bridges with colleagues from other companies in the Heineken world, which greatly expands our knowledge and horizons.

Finally, as a brewmaster I can create and design new beers, but also be an ambassador for beer culture, as well as cider and other drinks.

2. If you were a beer brand, what name would you have and how would you describe yourself?

If I were a beer, it would be Sagres Folia!

A vibrant, cheerful Weiss IPA, with the scent of a summer night.



3. What do you consider to be the biggest challenge you have (or have had) in the company?

One of the great challenges that I face in my day to day,

is the development of very disruptive innovations that take us a little into the “unknown”.

In such cases, my strategy is to investigate and support the development of existing technical knowledge and to always seek to deepen and learn from experience. Here too, teamwork is essential, where each element contributes its expertise, and we do not forget to seek support and knowledge throughout the Heineken organization. 

4. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

One of the best advices given to me was to:

“Always take a critical look at situations and learn from each experience”.  

I always try to question and look for the best solution in each challenge, not accepting the one that appears to us as the most obvious. On the other hand, I am also committed to always learning from the experiences and share this knowledge on to my colleagues and teams in which I collaborate. I believe that all challenges have this positive side of always teaching us something enriching, either professionally or socially.

5. How would you describe our company in one word?