Pedro Lopes


Joined the HEINEKEN Group

Distribution Coordinator On-Trade & Wholesale


1. Share with us your journey at Heineken.

Starting at the beginning, at the very beginning...

My truck driving license was an essential point for my application. The Driver function was my entrance door. 

The team that received me was an excellent help in the integration gave me the necessary training so that in a short time I could achieve a good performance and in a short time I passed to Truck Driver.  

This phase was very important to know the perspective and needs of the client. 

As an employee I always showed a lot of respect for the goods that were given to me, and with the bases that I had, without ever being asked, I started to present simple and small ideas, which I considered could help to improve the performance of the teams.  

My path was evolving, I supported the Back Office area, I started to have a wider contact with other areas (credit, planning, fleet) and the next step was to be a Distribution Team Leader. During this period I had moments of a lot of positive energy and I realized the impact of making decisions and that not everything is as simple as it seems. Here, I managed my first team!

Distribution Coordinator! This is the function I assume today and I am very proud of it! It requires a lot of responsibility, availability, team management, stakeholders and the ability to make decisions under pressure.

I am very grateful to all those who have trusted me to perform this function and for the opportunity to grow within this great company.  

What I value most are the goals and the challenge that I meet daily.

2. If you were a beer brand, what name would you have and how would you describe yourself?

If I were a beer, I'd be a 007. 

With a mixture of Dry Martini, with years of history, nostalgic, elegant and always with a happy ending. The best part would be that since 1962 with 24 editions it would have a total income of 7 billion dollars.



3. What do you consider to be the biggest challenge you have (or have had) in the company?

I believe that my greatest challenge is day-to-day contingency management. Every day I try to plan the work, establish priorities and ensure that the effort results in a productive day. However,

when you work for pleasure in such a comprehensive set of tasks, you need to have a great ability to adapt. 


4. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

One of the best advice I've had was:

Live our daily life! In these 24 hours the more networking we create with those around us the easier it will be to achieve our goals.  

Combining this advice with the dedication that is part of my DNA, increasingly focused on customer satisfaction (which is the last in the chain, but most important!) is what motivates me to improve every day.  

With a commitment, necessary alignment and teamwork our goal can be achieved.

5. How would you describe our company in one word?