Diogo Ribeiro


Joined Heineken Group



Automation and Processes Control Engineer




1. Share with us your journey at Heineken

I started my journey at Heineken in 2018 as a Electronic and Automation Technician, where i performed maintenance jobs to several equipment’s on the brewery. With the help of an extremely professional team, it was possible to develop my technical skills.

After 1 year, I had the opportunity to change my role and became a Methods Engineer. During the 6 months I was on the position, I was responsible for the management of several contracts related to electrical maintenance, where I develop my organizational, planning and management skills and understood the impact that preventive maintenance has on cost reduction.

"Currently I am in the role of Process Control and Automation Engineer, where I am responsible for all the cybersecurity on the industrial network."

Besides that, I lead and take part on the implementation of Digital Factory solutions.

During all my journey, I had the opportunity of knowing and working with excellent professionals that share their knowledge and without which, it wouldn’t be possible to have our excellent products. For those connected to this digital world, Heineken is a great company, as it invests in development and captivates its employees to develop and implement solution that can optimize and improve processes.

2. If you were a beer brand, what name would you have and how would you describe yourself?

"Snowy Mountain".

I would be a Pilsener!

With moderate bitterness and of course, the best way to drink it would be ice cold!


3. What do you consider to be the biggest challenge you have (or have had) in the company?

The first challenged occurred in the role of Methods Engineer where I was given the responsibility to manage several maintenance contracts. This challenge allowed me to develop mu organizational and management skills that I use on a daily basis. At my current role, the biggest challenge is to constantly guarantee and improve the cybersecurity on the industrial network. As it is a high complexity field, one of my strategies is to always be updated on the latest news and technologies. Additionally, 

"Heineken promotes the connection and information sharing between colleagues around the world".

4. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

One of the best pieces of advice i was gives was:


"The best way to be productive, is to correctly manage you priorities"


In an area, that works day and night, there is always a lot going on, therefore, the only way not to lose focus is to correctly manage priorities. One way to do this is to assure that you have a plan written down with all he tasks you need to do. In this way, it is possible to prioritize and keep track of each one of them.

5. How would you describe our company in one word?