Go Places with Namibia Breweries Limited

Namibia Breweries Limited is committed to empowering individuals to reach their full potential by providing them with a range of opportunities to explore and develop their skills. Whether your passion lies in creating new products, designing innovative solutions, or delivering exceptional customer experiences, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our inspiring stories below showcase why we are the employer of choice.

Sitarara Hausiku

Namibia Breweries Limited has a supportive and inclusive work culture that makes employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute their best at all times!




Tasneem Klazen

The dynamic and hands-on involvement in marketing fills me with enthusiasm and inspires me to be a part of Namibia Breweries Limited's journey towards success. Moreover, the collaborative and supportive atmosphere within the company makes every day a fulfilling experience.



Euzenia Kosmas


Thanks to NBL's unwavering support for my personal growth and progress, I have transformed my internship into a thriving career as an Electrical Artisan.



Tiaan Maritz

Being a part of the global HEINEKEN company means being able to showcase your skills and talents on a global stage. We don't only go places, but we also elevate our communities through our commitment to sustainable development and driving local ambition. This motivates us to take bold steps towards brewing a better Namibia.

Simon Namgongo

We aspire to build a company that mirrors the diversity we see in our world. Our approach to diversity is rooted in a simple yet powerful idea - we embrace everyone and cultivate a culture where each person feels a sense of belonging. This is why I have remained a part of NBL for such a long time.


Antionette Wiese

The benefits we receive as Namibia Breweries Limited employees are key to our value proposition. NBL offers comprehensive benefits to its employees, including paid parental leave, wellness support, learning and development opportunities, recognition programs,  rewards and incentives, and flexible working arrangements. As an employee, this makes me feel valued and appreciated.

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