Go Places at HEINEKEN

The opportunities at HEINEKEN are limitless. Fun and ambition is in our DNA. And so we encourage you to Go Places. Do you want to throw an office party to launch your new brand? Or go to the brewery to optimise the IT systems? It is all up to you. 

Are you ready?


Andras is always up for a new challenge and he always rises to it. He looks for new opportunities and makes bold decisions.
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Do you care about others?


Caring and empathy are essential in Katalin's work. She has achieved great success in our company, accompanied by these important values.
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Are you enjoying life?


Lilla walks in the world with her eyes wide open and lives every moment. She never misses an adventure that comes her way. She enjoys her work as much as she enjoys a round-the-world cruise.
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Are you passionate?


Bálint loves working as a team and as an individual. He is passionate about football, where players have to stand their ground in exactly the same way that Bálint does at HEINEKEN. 
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Are you ready for more?


Want to experience what professional development is like and achieve the goals you've set yourself? Bálint has been experiencing all of these at the age of 21 at HEINEKEN.
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Are you ready to empower yourself?


Do you like excitement and a constant buzz? At HEINEKEN Gerda is constantly looking for new challenges and after a recharge, she switches her work into high gear.
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Are you ready for more?

Excited for more? At HEINEKEN, the world is at your finger tips. And we have selected the stories and memories from our most passionate employees for you to view. Are you ready to Go Places?