Go Places at HEINEKEN

The opportunities at HEINEKEN are limitless. Fun and ambition is in our DNA. And so we encourage you to Go Places. Do you want to throw an office party to launch your new brand? Or go to the brewery to optimise the IT systems? It is all up to you. 

Are you ready to empower yourself?


Quynh doesn't like to sit around. And so she took the initiative to lead the way herself. Watch the video to see her full story!

Are you ready for your next adventure?


Meet Andre. Andre believes that at HEINEKEN, tenacity will get you to achieve anything, anywhere. Watch the full video to see more.

Are you ready to turn No into Yes?


Tanya does not take a no for an answer. Instead she goes the extra mile to achieve her goals. Watch her story now.

Are you ready to inspire others with your passion?


Jasmine likes to get her team excited about a new launch by having them live the spirit of the product. Watch the video to learn more.

Are you ready for more?

Excited for more? At HEINEKEN, the world is at your finger tips. And we have selected the most passionate stories for you to view. Are you ready to Go Places?