The opportunities at ZAGORKA are limitless. Beer and ciders are our passion, and we put passion in everything we do. Passion for quality, respect for people and planet and enjoyment in life. Passion for ZAGORKA! Are you curious to learn more? Meet our people and learn what makes ZAGORKA unique for them.

Supply Chain

Yanitsa Zheleva, Warehouse Storekeeper Final goods:

" ZAGORKA is unique because of the people .... Everyone's dedication towards the common goal. Like the parts of a clockwork mechanism - they all work together in harmony. ZAGORKA for me - is teamwork, support and respect! "

Stefan Totev, Engineering Manager:

" For me, ZAGORKA is not just a job. When a person is committed to what he does, he does not feel it as an obligation. ZAGORKA is a part of my life. The most important thing for me are the colleagues I can count on and trust. When we face all the successes and failures together, as one team, things happen. "


Isabela Tsvetkova, Sales Representative:

" I consider working in ZAGORKA as a daily challenge to myself, an opportunity to grow! You learn to adapt in a fast-moving environment, to different customers and situations. ZAGORKA provides a wide field for development of new qualities and skills every day, in a positive and friendly environment. "

Yoan Tsenov, Key Account Manager:

" For me, ZAGORKA is my second family and my home. I have learned a lot here and I have experienced even more. ZAGORKA has given me the opportunity not only to develop my career, but also to grow as a person. The dynamic working environment, the great atmosphere and the teamwork make ZAGORKA unique and exciting place to work, where the achievements are valued and do not go unnoticed. "

Finance and Marketing

Cveta Asparuhova, Revenue Manager:

" ZAGORKA is a great place to grow! Every day something new and interesting happens that provokes you to outperform yourself! I am happy that every day I have the opportunity to contribute and develop as part of this amazing team. For me, ZAGORKA is a family of motivated and enthusiastic colleagues it’s a pleasure to work with! "

Konstantin Velikov, Senior Brand Manager:

" ZAGORKA is a unique mix of global knowledge and local expertise, proven practices and innovative solutions, global and local brands, a palette of categories and products. Working here, you see how people live the company's values ​​and turn them into real action - that makes the difference and makes ZAGORKA really a unique place. For me ZAGORKA is a chance to discover new opportunities, to develop ideas and projects, and to become the better version of myself. "

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