Titel:  Corporate Affairs Director

Communication & Corporate Affairs Director (CAD)


Alken-Maes has a unique footprint within the Belgian beer industry and the broader HEINEKEN network, literally overseeing the entire value chain from Barley (Albert Malting) to Bar (AMAS wholesale) and everything in between. Despite this distinctive position neither our internal colleagues nor external partners realize this, let alone value it. Main purpose of the CAD is to change to way Alken-Maes is perceived both internally and externally.



Internal perspective:

Ensuring employees know our strategy, how they contribute to it and feel engaged by it. Ultimately leading to more motivated colleagues, who feel empowered and informed. In doing so the CAD regularly connects with internal stakeholders to build relationships of trust through stakeholder management and impactful communications. Key internal stakeholders are all Site Managers, the Management Team, and the Managing Director. The CAD is part of the Management Team and report directly to the MD.


External perspective:

Building a credible and solid reputation with relevant stakeholders. As such, the CAD proactively interacts with these stakeholders to formulate an answer to questions and expectations while conveying key messages which build and defend AM’s business interests. Main topics on which Alken-Maes will accelerate in the coming period are: 1) Carbon neutrality (Supply Chain <2030), 2) Innovation, with a key role for responsible consumption (Non-Alcohol), and 3) DEI. Partnerships on all topics are in place. Next step to make it into one coherent storyline.


Due to the nature of the fast-moving business and transformation agenda, this role will play a vital role in translating the business objectives into a meaningful strategic communication plan. To achieve this, the CAD manages the communication team and the communication budget in a transparent, strategical, and coherent manner. The team of the CAD will consist of an: 1) Corporate Affairs manager (JG20), 2) Transformation manager (JG20), 3) Internal Communications manager (JG10) and content creator (JG7) will report to this role.



  • Master’s degree by preference in Business Communications
  • (Crisis) communication skills
  • Strategic transformation skills
  • Language and translation skills
  • Knowledge of Dutch-French-English
  • Copywriter skills
  • Digital content creation
  • Project management
  • Networking capabilities
  • Connect with internal & external stakeholders through trust, openness, authenticity, and empathy
  • Shaping the communications strategy
  • Delivering impactful internal and external communication to help grow the business

Banensegment: CAD, Drafting, Supply Chain, Manager, Project Manager, Engineering, Operations, Management, Technology