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We look for someone willing to roll up their sleeves and a person who thinks outside the box. Is that you?
Make the perfect career choice and start working at Alken-Maes. We’ll turn you into a proud entrepreneur with a sense of autonomy and filled with passion for our products, in line with the values of the company.


We’re not looking for "employees", but for Game-changers with a real thirst for knowledge and adventure.

We want people who climb ladders, open doors and cross oceans – always with our cultural manners in the back of their mind:

Put safety first, act like an entrepreneur, keep it simple, work with others based on mutual trust – and learn to keep on improving!

Surprise us at the interview: tell us about your passions, ambitions, skills and eagerness to learn.


We see all of our Game-changers as leaders. It’s the way in which the people who work for us give the company direction that makes us unique. 
These people are able to connect and invest continuously in the development of others. And, last but not least, they put their money where their mouth is! 

Do you have it in you to become an inspiring leader at Alken-Maes? 

Inclusion & Diversity

People are the heart of our company.

Our strength comes from trust, diversity and progress. As part of the world’s most international brewer, we have created a culture in which diversity is embraced and everyone is able to thrive. We extract value from the differences in people’s knowledge, outlook, experiences and work styles. We also seek to attract the best talent, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, physical handicap, style of thinking, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

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