HEINEKEN Management Traineeship

The Management Traineeships at HEINEKEN are an unique experience. As such, they are designed for the leaders of the future. During this program, you will be challenged and exposed to the greatest challenges and developments within your area of expertise.

Your input as Management Trainee is essential for HEINEKEN as a company to stay sharp. You have innovative ideas and will ensure that we, as world-famous brand, remain the market leader.

To grow, as a person and professional, one of your three assignments will be done abroad. The destination is not yet known but it is going to be an adventure that will surely enrich you! What country is waiting for you?
The areas of expertise within the Management Traineeship:

IT, Digital & Innovation
If you are fascinated by innovation and all changes going on in the field of IT. If you are passionate about innovation and are able to ignite others with this passion.

If you have a passion for marketing or sales. When you combine ‘thinking big’ with the desire to achieve great results.

Supply Chain
If you have a true passion for engineering! If you are able to share this passion with others and can achieve more together.

If you want to have a birds-eye view of the entire organization. If you want to underpin our ambitious plans and like to make sure these plans are insightful, comparable, and understandable.

A stretching learning journey!

  • Learning philosphy

    Just like all of our employees, learning in the IGP is in line with our learning philosophy;

    70% of learning happens on the job, 20% is through coaching/mentoring, and 10% is by attending formal training.

  • Induction

    Your journey at HEINEKEN starts with an introduction program of one week where you will learn about our organisation, brands and products.

    You als get to meet lots of colleagues and learn about what we expect from you and what you can expect from us!

  • Mentors

    Our leaders within HEINEKEN support the development of our trainees and starting technologists in the role of mentor.

    Everyone gets a mentor assigned for the total duration of the program (and often continues afterwards).

  • Training

    During your traineeship you will be attending different trainings.

    These are aimed at your personal development but also focused on your functional knowledge and skills.

How to become a Management Trainee

Meet our Management Trainees

Commercial Management Trainees

Bobianne Vlek 
Fai de Swart

Supply Chain Management Trainees

Zhenni Zeng
Teus van Dieren

IT Management Trainees

Kayleigh Vonk
Mark Luijkx