BRALIRWA Management Traineeship

Do you have a strong will to develop your professional career after completing your studies? Are you ready to be challenged in the best-known and respected organization in the country? Are you ready to push yourself, both professionally and personally, to reach excellence?  If so, YOU are at the right company!

Our Programme is a great learning experience, designed for our senior leaders of tomorrow.On this journey you are faced with a wide range of challenges across different disciplines of your area of business.  

It requires you to be learning agile, flexible, self-sufficient, open to feedback and gracious, while always standing true to our BRALIRWA values passion for quality, enjoyment of life and respect for people, society and the planet.

A stretching learning journey!

  • Learning philosphy

    Learning during the management traineeship is in line with our learning philosophy;

    70% of learning happens on the job, 20% is through coaching and mentoring, and 10% of learning is done by attending formal training.

  • Introduction

    You will begin the journey in our Kigali Head Office or in our Gisenyi Brewery where you will learn about BRALIRWA and the HEINEKEN Company by visiting different departments, meeting different people and seeing our processes in action.

    This will be a great backpack of knowledge to take with you on your first assignment!

  • Mentors

    At the beginning of the management traineeship, each trainee is assigned a mentor which is a senior manager in the organization. In the past these have proven to be valuable long term relationships!

  • Face to face trainings

    During the traineeship you will participate in several trainings related to leadership.

    These trainings are focused on equipping you to be successful during your assignments as well as after the program! In between the trainings, you are encouraged to stay in touch with other trainees that can help you embed the learnings.


How to become an Management trainee

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