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Process and Control Improvement Analyst - P&CI


1. Scope of the job

Job purpose:

The P&CI Analyst is supporting the P&CI Manager running the P&CI Function. P&CI is a trusted partner for Local Management and Functions in achieving business objectives, driving and implementing improvements in the organisation’s processes and strengthening the internal control environment. The P&CI function is the custodian of the HEINEKEN Internal Control Framework and the HEINEKEN Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Framework in the OpCo.

The core activities of the P&CI Analyst are to support and advice the P&CI Manager, Local Management and Functions in the following areas: 1) Controls Monitoring, 2) Process & Control Management and 3) Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). These activities are driving the continuous improvement, monitoring/testing, design and implementation of processes and controls.

Additional areas include: 4) Risk Management, 5) Compliance, 6) Fraud Management and 7) Assurance.

The P&CI Analyst assists the P&CI Manager coordinating the Lines of Defence activities (including Global Audit and External Audit).

Key responsibilities:

  1. Control Monitoring

To monitor and test control effectiveness and drive the implementation of remediating actions.

  • Ensures as part of the P&CI function that the effectiveness of controls is monitored and/or frequently tested.
  • Putting appropriate actions in place (agreed with Management). Tracks and monitors the progress of remediating activities.
  1. Process & Control Management

Working closely with the P&CI manager to ensure business processes and controls are appropriately designed, constructed, implemented and maintained.

  • Drives jointly with Local Management the design and documentation of business processes and controls, applying the global process design and management methodology and HEINEKEN Enterprise Process Model (HEPM). 
  • Assesses the embedment of  controls in the design of processes, including Process Performance Indicator (PPI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) defined by the Business.
  • Verifies that PPIs and KPIs are monitored on an ongoing basis to identify any risks or opportunities for improvements (processes & controls).
  • Identifies and reports any process activities that deviate from the global standard by Local Management to the P&CI Manager.


  1. Continuous Process Improvement

To drive a process improvement culture, drive process and control improvement and assist in realising benefits.

  • Helps embedding a culture of continuous improvement, benchmarking and innovation.
  • Builds process improvement capabilities through training and people development.
  • Challenges existing processes to identify improvement opportunities using benchmarks and external best practices.,
  • Quantifies financial benefits and costs associated with improvement ideas. Analyses impact of changes on processes and ways of working.
  • Assists in implementing process improvements and inform Local Management about the progress on a regular basis. Ensures that the global process improvement methodology (Lean / Six Sigma) is applied.
  • Evaluates the success of the improvement projects and the benefits realised.
  1. Risk Management

To contribute to the process of Risk Identification, Assessment and Response and monitor existing and emerging risks.

  • Drives the implementation of a comprehensive Risk Management (RM) framework.
  • Identifies relevant risks for the business. Analyses, measures and evaluates risks.
  • Conducts Risk Assessment through running risk workshops with the Business, monitors that relevant risk templates and documentation are used and drives the creation of risk responses. This also includes new and emerging risks.
  • Develops specific action plans to mitigate, accept or transfer risk and monitors progress on an ongoing basis.


  1. Fraud Management

To improve fraud prevention and detection and support fraud investigation when required.

  • Raises fraud awareness through promoting the ‘Speak-up’ procedures.
  • Drives fraud prevention and detection through identifying fraud risks and addressing them through strong process and control design and testing.
  • Discusses and supports incident assessment, following the Anti-Fraud procedure (P&CI may be requested on an exceptional basis to investigate specific fraud incidents that are related to business process controls).
  • Supports fraud investigation when requested by Global Legal Affairs or Global Audit.
  • Supports Local Management in the Fraud Risk Assessment (FRA).
  • Assists the P&CI Manager to facilitate fraud risk workshops.
  1. Compliance

To help assuring that processes and controls are designed, implemented and operating in line with the relevant policies, procedures and HEINEKEN Rules.

  • P&CI is informed about policy changes and assesses the impact on existing control frameworks. Provides advice, support and challenge during the implementation of policies (global & local).
  • Registers, tracks and logs policies & procedures. This includes the review and challenge of the self-assessment activities.
  • If requested, provides advice, support and challenge to the design of policies (global & local).
  1. Assurance Activities

To support Global and External Audit to efficiently plan and execute audits and to drive closure of audit findings.

  • Works with Global Audit to ensure a consistent and efficient audit plan is adopted.
  • Supports the audit through providing information or specialist input where required (Local P&CI team members may perform controls testing or other audit activities on behalf of Global Audit when agreed with OpCo FD/FM).
  • Helps defining and executes remediation plans (in agreement with Management).  Tracks and monitors the progress of remediating activities.


  1. People and Personal Development
  • Ensures effective Performance Management through the creation of a Personal Development Plan: working on the development targets formulated in the Personal Development Plan throughout the year to improve competencies and skills.
  • Regularly reviews and aligns relationships with other Lines of Defence.
  • Identifies requirement and builds key knowledge in line with functional competencies.



2. Business context

Reports to :

Process & Control Improvement Manager

Key contacts:


Local management & local functions; Global P&CI function representatives; HGSS P&CI, Global Audit


External Audit

Measures of success / KPIs (examples):

  • Number of identified control failures that are not closed/remediated in a timely manner
  • Achievement of End2End Productivity targets in relevant projects
  • Adherence to designed and documented global business processes
  • Number of local control deviations against global standard minimum controls
  • Number of local process deviations from standard processes
  • % of Control failures over a period
  • Number of employees trained on White, Yellow, Green, Black Belt
  • Achievement of process performance levels
  • Consistently applied methodology and executed process improvement projects, including number of successfully completed improvement projects.
  • Completion of Controls Monitoring Programme plan
  • Realisation of the targets defined in the Personal Development Plan
  • Number of fraud incidents where P&CI assisted in the investigation
  • Number of fraud incidents caused by inappropriate controls (design or execution)
  • Number of overdue Issue & Task Management actions


5. Position profile



University degree/Masters in Economics, Finance or Business Administration.

Finance, Accounting, Internal audit background Professional certifications including:


- CIA/RO or

- Six Sigma Green/ Black Belt/ PMP / Prince 2 would be preferred

Experience / skills required:

Must have:

  • At least one-year experience in the same field.
  • Working knowledge and understanding in one or more of the following areas: risk management, internal control, process management, fraud management & compliance.
  • Experience in the area of internal control, internal/ external audit or process management and improvement.
  • Experience in assessing process and information flows, performing cost/benefit analyses, tracking results, developing recommendations and implementing changes that benefit business performance.
  • Strong quantitative, statistical and computer skills, with emphasis on the ability to perform sophisticated analysis with spreadsheet and/or database applications.


  •  Excellent language skills in English and local language



Job Segment: Risk Management, Lean Six Sigma, Database, Compliance, Business Process, Finance, Management, Technology, Legal

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