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IP & Litigation Counsel

Scope of the Job



A Senior Paralegal, handling business licensing, Audit, task execution & IP portfolio. Handle Intellectual Property matters (applications/registrations), Quality Mark, preparing new specifications & standards, calibration of plants equipment, analyses for the products and raw materials as per the instructions of the CLM or the Legal Counsel and Contracts Manager & Legal Manager& Corporate Affairs & Legal Director, Management IP with SLO, Legal and safety audit for all ABC plant, Get the radiation license for all ABC plant & Workers , Registration the ISO certificates for all plants








Company Assets under the jobholder’s control

:  IP originals documentation, Originals of licenses, ABC properties ownership original contracts , Corporate original Documents and Group of Co. Seals











Job Responsibilities



Functional Responsibilities:


  • Research, anticipate and protect Company against legal risks related to business operating licenses
  • Create database for TM and IP reports, and effectively presents information to senior management.
  • Communicate with Marketing team to get approval on the renewal of TMs
  • Manage registration of all ABC TMs and IPs and update Properties Survey
  • Manage the issuance and the renewal of all plants licenses, generators and boilers,  and other legal and regulatory official documents
  • Prepare periodical paralegal & business licensing reports.
  • Maintain the tracking budget for legal department and all other relevant duties.
  • Review all Outside Counsels invoices
  • Assisting in  the management of all  Radiological devices of our plants (  Obour , Sharkia & Gianaclis ) including but not limited to compliance , scraping ,legal structures , placement, and ongoing supervision
  • Assisting in  undertaking legal & safety audits to our plants including but not limited to Reviewing the specifications, acquiring new specifications as amended for all ABC plants, make sure all plants devices are calibrated, and make sure that all analyses requirement whether internal or external are undertaken. 
  • Safety audit: insuring the processing of the below requirement.
  • The issuance of Radiation doses report for the plants employees.
  • Periodic Examination of  all employees 
  • Availability accident statistics reports
  • Attendance of  firefighters training by the needed employees
  • Attendance of   first AID training by the needed employees
  • Availability  of Maintenance reports of fire extinguishing equipment
  • Availability  of Reports related of industrial wastewater samples
  • Availability  of Reports related the training on occupational safety and health
  • Calibrated the survey meter  radiation on the Nuclear & Radiological Regulatory Authority  
  • Get the radiation license for all ABC plant & Workers
  • Send  applications and renewals of Trademarks, industrial designs to Heineken Global IP monthly
  • Revise all labels , artwork , Outer case for all ABC plants to get final approval
  • Follow up all Trademarks, industrial designs Cases with SLO
  • Assisting in the design of a Legal book general requirement for compliance, which includes ensuring the availability in all our plants.  
  • Registration the ISO certificates for all plants
  • Registration of all new & developed products in the (Ministry of Health & Egyptian organization for standardization & Quality)
  • Acquiring the Quality Mark for all the ABC products.
  • Calibration of the plants equipment from the Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality
  • Issue new Standards & Specs for all ABC products that do not have Standards
  • Manage Lab. analysis from EOS, Health Ministry Labs., Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture, National Research Center and Alborg Labs.
  • Application, registration, management, disputes & renewal of Trademark and Industrial designs, maintain the related index & local/global data base
  • Issue needed Lottery License & Fatwa
  • Check all editions of Trademark and Industrial Designs Gazette and Official Gazette


Communication and Work Relationships:





Various functions & departments marketing (manly marketing, supply chain.




  • Ministry of Health
  • Egyptian organization for standardization & Quality
  • Universities
  • Research centers
  • National Institute of Nutrition
  • Drug Control Authority
  • The Authority of chemistry
  • Chamber of Food Industries.
  • Investment Authority
  • Calibration Institute
  • Hallmark & Balances
  • Notary Public
  • Trademark Office
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Ministry of Social affairs
  • Authority of Trade & Industry
  • The General Organization for government printing offices
  • Pharmaceutical affairs
  • M.C.D.R
  • Alamiria press
  • Tax Authority
  • The Nuclear & Radiological Regulatory Authority  
  • SLO





Education, Certifications and Licenses:

BA degree + Experience in Legal/Regulatory department


Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experienced in dealing multiple Authorities
  • Knowledge and practice of TM law
  • Knowledge and practice of competitions Law
  • Knowledge and practice of registration and analyses according to Egyptian specifications & Food Law
  • Knowledge and practice in standards and specification regulation  


Skills and Abilities:

  • High communication skills, sense of urgency setting priorities.
  • High accuracy in achieving the requested duties.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Good command of PC. and internet


Personal Qualities: (Jobholder’s profile)

  • Good judgment and maturity

Job Segment: Law, Artist, Supply, Database, Compliance, Legal, Creative, Operations, Technology

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