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Customer Service Officer - CSLP Support


Job Purpose

The purpose of this role is to act  as a liaison between the company and customers and assists with orders, complaints, and inquiries to ensure customer satisfaction.


Duties and Responsibilities


Customer Service Operations

  1. Takes orders through online platforms, emails or directly from the account manager.
  2. Responds to all customer inquiries related to the company’s products.
  3. Informs customers in case of any out-of-stock products.
  4. Informs account managers in case of any client credit issues to be resolved.
  5. Handles orders from plants (primary distribution) as well as orders for non-alcoholic beverages (NAB) and alcoholic beverages (AB) and PepsiCo.
  6. Follows up on all orders on the Business to Business system and informs customers in case of any issues.
  7. Send some orders to primary distribution.
  8. Handles all service complaints related to sales, drivers, and technicians. Inputs data on the system and informs the relevant teams to ensure that the issue is resolved on time based on service level agreement terms.
  9. Ensures installation and de-installation of assets (fridge or draught) based on customer requests.
  10. Conducts a “voice of customer” survey by calling customers and asking about their satisfaction and recommendations and suggests action plans based on the survey results.
  11. Performs a maintenance survey by asking clients about the performance of the maintenance team.
  12. Updates and sends case fail rate (CFR) report to the supply chain team.
  13. Updates the performance dashboard with information on all the received calls, abandoned calls (reasons: agent, queue, other), and sales orders.
  14. Updates the PepsiCo dashboard with data on the number of orders for PepsiCo, volume in hectoliter, etc.
  15. Updates the complaints dashboard including: complaint sources, analysis versus the previous year, complaint per product, complaint per factory, etc.
  16. Updates the customer request order report and sends it to the sales team.
  17. Develops monthly maintenance and installation survey reports.

Data Management and Reporting

  1. Inputs email orders on the SAP system and replies with data on the delivery date and product availability.
  2. Sends reports to account managers regarding any issues with customers that can be resolved from their side, such as credit issues.


Cross-Functional Collaboration

  1. Aligns with the supply chain department in case of complaints related to product shortages.
  2. Informs distribution manager of any issues related to delivery of products, such as inaccurate quantity.
  3. Handles and informs the quality team about finished goods’ complaints from consumer or customer or warehouses.
  4. Handles any visibility issues in collaboration with the marketing team.

Disclaimer: Other duties assigned as needed.


Job Segment: Supply Chain, Supply, ERP, SAP, Operations, Customer Service, Technology

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