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Commercial Technical Service: Logistics & Support Manager


Job Purpose

Manages the commercial and technical services and the full logistics and warehousing cycle starting from the purchase of spare parts and equipment until the end of their utilization.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Manages the full Commercial Technical Services (CTS) cycle from identifying needs to ordering spare parts and equipment and following up with the procurement department (on SAP system and Service Excellence system), until the equipment is scrapped.
  2. Supports the budget and assets manager in CapEx management to get the required approvals.
  3. Reports on a monthly basis all updates related to operations and warehouses such as corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and inspection results.
  4. Creates and optimizes all processes related to the department and ensures compliance with rules and regulations.
  5. Follows up with the digital and technology (D&T) department regarding any improvements and innovations related to the assets.
  6. Handles any issues on the utilized systems and programs in collaboration with the digital and technology team and the relevant business process owner.
  7. Manages ad-hoc in-house projects in warehouses and workshops.
  8. Supports the reallocation and FTE plans for the technical team.
  9. Supports the sales leaders (head of sales and regional and district managers) in setting market deployment plans deployment in the market.
  10. Develops reports for the management team on a monthly basis, such as spare parts report, equipment stocks, market assets, and a dashboard for top management related to the performance of the technical team in the market.
  11. Creates a performance matrix for the department which entails every action in market such as: preventive and corrective maintenance, inspections at the customers’ premises before installation, de-installation, late visits, missed visits, still scheduled visits, canceled orders, repeated visits, complaints from customer, maintenance cost per visit, installation parts, driving violations, etc.
  12. Develops and submits all required reports in a timely manner.

Disclaimer: Other duties assigned as needed.                                                                                            




  1. Manages all activities related to operations risk reduction.
  2. Ensures that the CTS team abides by safety standards.
  3. Implements safety measures in the warehouse regarding weight lifting and other tasks.


  1. Ensures that all market assets are in good condition.
  2. Manages corrective and preventive maintenance activities as well as machine installation and de-installation.
  3. Plans for equipment deployment in the market.
  4. Takes action in case of any damage done to assets.
  5. Conducts regular surveys on the condition of all assets in the market.
  6. Sets an annual plan for the injection of equipment in the market.


  1. Ensures spare part availability in all warehouses and shops.
  2. Reviews equipment and spare part stocks on a regular basis.
  3. Ensures compliance to regulations and policies in the warehouses.


Leadership and Cross-functional Collaboration

  1. Collaborates with the sales and finance directors to set strategic plans for the department.
  2. Identifies new equipment and new suppliers. Attends international events to network with potential new suppliers for Heineken.
  3. Aligns with the Processes and Control Improvement department (P&CI) on all CTS policies and procedures and ensures compliance. Reviews and approves any policy adjustments.
  4. Manages the performance of the maintenance team and addresses any areas of improvement.
  5. Develops and submits all required reports in a timely manner.
  6. Collaborates with the HR department on recruiting new team members and FTE plans and reallocation.
  7. Collaborates with the Safety department on Operation Risk Reduction (ORR) and implements new projects accordingly.
  8. Aligns with the finance team on all CapEx, Below the Line (BTL) and OpEx budgeting.
  9. Coordinates with the procurement team on all purchasing activities or new supplier selection.
  10. Aligns with the digital and technology (D&T) department on system enhancements and integrations between systems.

Disclaimer: Other duties assigned as needed.



Education & Experiences

Educational Background

Bachelor degree

Years of Experience

4 - 6 years of relevant experience

Qualifications & Other Requirements 

Very Good Command of English Language

Good Microsoft Skills


Job Segment: Technical Support, Machinist, Service Manager, Information Technology, IT Manager, Technology, Manufacturing, Customer Service

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