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Safety Coordinator

The Key Responsibilities


  1. Implementing all Safety, Environment rules, standards and compliance
  • Understand and enforce HEINEKEN and local safety rules, standards and procedures, to address gaps and needed investments while applying the ALARP principle in order to achieve compliance
  • Introduce, sustain and continuously improve the safety management system and do this in alignment with other production processes, using TPM methodology to achieve safety excellence
  • Leading, develop and enforce and ensure the implementation of HEINEKEN and local safety, Environment’s rules, standards and procedures in order to achieve compliance (Heiquest, such as the contractor procedure, the emergency procedure, the logistics and warehousing procedure and Accident reporting system, BCS reporting)
  • Guides, implement the Life Saving Rules program and Process Safety Compliance by applying HeiQuest
  • Leads the Safety Pillar
  • Responsible for supporting, advising the site management team with respect to safety
  • Prepare, stay update and communicate Safety, Environment procedures/reports, on new/changes in Safety, Environment regulation


  1. Risk Assessment
  • Plans and executes the High Level Risk Assessments and the Safety Culture Survey
  •  Risk assessment: Identify hazards, evaluate and prioritize risks to determine appropriate countermeasures
  • Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) be applied for non-routine hazardous activities for contractors and employee


  1. Management of Safety Process & Systems
  • Plans and executes HAZOP’s for all identified process safety critical equipment


  1. Training, Coaching & Mentoring:
  • Develop and deliver professional safety training and act as a reference point for problem solving in safety to ensure individuals are able to undertake their roles and responsibilities safely
  • Develops, deliver and execute the safety-training plan for each personnel on site (all employees Employee, third party vendors, contractors, visitors) and ensures the implementation
  • Ensures training of employees, managers and contractors in BB-S, preventive observations and LMRA
  • Ensures further development of safety engineer by means of extra training according to Capability Development Framework
  • Leading in the Safety, Environment training/drill exercises
  • Leading, implement and carry out events or programs to raise safety awareness
  • Trains and coaches managers to lead accident, incident investigation (5 why, BowTie)


  1. Auditing, Tracking and Reporting:
  • Perform and manage safety audits and inspections as an approved HEINEKEN auditor, making use of facts and evidence and issuing recommendations to sustain safety excellence
  • Collect, report, analyze and monitor safety performance data in a timely and accurate way in order to support decision making at operational and tactical levels
  • Perform high quality accident analysis by applying the appropriate methodology in order to identify root causes and helping agree effective countermeasures that will prevent events recurring
  • Develops a Daily / Monthly / Yearly control system (e.g. LSR breaches, PSM barrier failures, PSM events, pressure equipment inspection plan, PSM maintenance log, etc.) by use of data analysis from HeiQuest and Accident reporting system
  • Leading accident, incident, PSM event investigation by applying the right tool i.e. 5 Why and / or BowTie methodology, lessons are shared by safety alerts. Monitor the effectiveness of the countermeasures
  • Near misses are being reported and data analyses is being conducted
  • Ensures further development of the Daily / Monthly / Yearly control system (safety tags, near misses, safe / unsafe behaviours, etc.)
  • Ensures a proper safety, Environment inspection plan is executed (e.g. Chemical, firefighting system, work permit audits…)
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting to the government and the Heineken Group
  • Leading Safety, Environment meeting, demonstrate TPM in safety at all levels and minute preparation and records


  1. Safety Culture & Behavioural Safety
  • Engage people in a way that is positive, to enable learning and to coach individuals in behavioral change to achieve excellent safety culture
  • Demonstrates example behaviour regarding Safety and Sustainability
  • Developing a preventive observation system led by managers
  • Ensures that preventive observation is done by managers, supervisors and specialists (Behavioural Based-Safety progression
  • Detection of unsafe situations and countermeasures are planned and organized


  1. Organization and people management
  • Effectively organizes the safety department and manages the  Emergency Team, First Aid team and Process Safety Specialist
  • Lead in safety emergencies (Crisis management procedure, Emergency response plan, natural disaster response plan, business continuous plan, oil spillage response etc.)


  1. Managing Third parties/Contractors/Visitors:
  • Ensure compliance of contractors’ Safety, Environment standards
  • Manage work permits, monitor and evaluate contractors to ensure Safety rules application and compliance


  1. Others Safety Operation:
  • Organises the validation of safety instructions (SOP’s, OPL’s, etc.).
  • Manage safety visuals (e.g. safety signs, posters)
  • Ensure that safety equipment (like PPE) are available at all times




  • At least two years of working experience in Safety (Valuable experience in Supply Chain) 
  • Sensivity and passion for Safety topics
  • Good level of English




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Job Segment: Safety, Supply, Logistics, Safety Engineer, Supply Chain, Service, Operations, Engineering

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