Learn more about our Asia Pacific Graduate Program and why it's for you

The Heineken Asia Pacific Graduate Program (APGP) is an exciting two-year program for anyone who’s interested in a long-term career with HEINEKEN Asia Pacific. We are on the lookout for graduates that will raise the bar and bring Heineken to the next level. Our commitment to your development matters; enjoy an accelerated career progression filled with developmental opportunities locally and regionally.​

As part of Heineken’s APGP, you will get to work with world-class brands and learn from some of the most experienced and talented people in the business. You will complete four assignments of six months each. The first two assignments will take place in your Home Operating Company (OpCo), followed by two assignments in one of the 20+ Heineken Asia Pacific OpCos. 

This is an experience that will shape and develop you for your future career and set you on a course to be one of tomorrow’s leaders in one of the seven business tracks (Commerce, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Legal, Digital & Transformation).

How Will Your Two-Year Journey Look Like? 

Whatever your role and wherever you perform it, we are committed to provide stretching assignments to realise your full potential:

  • Buddy up with management level mentors for the duration of the APGP
  • Experience leadership development through formal and on-the-job training
  • Designed to nurture our regionally mobile, high potential future leaders, the                  Heineken APGP provides you with exposure to valuable experiences and learning            opportunities that will accelerate your growth


Are you willing to let your career take you to uncharted places?